Climber.  Midwesterner.  Instagram Addict.

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I was stubborn from the get-go.  When I was 2, I had a favorite marble that I would hold in my hand, and if anyone tried to take it away from me, I would cry and hold my breath until I turned blue and passed out.  When I was 9, I became the first girl to play in the local boys’ pee wee football league.  The upper weight limit for the team was 120 pounds, but my 60 pound self wouldn’t take no for an answer and took the risk of getting squashed.

Somewhere along the way, I exchanged my favorite marble for rock and plastic grips and I reached the weight limit for the pee wee football team.  Otherwise, not much has changed.

I currently reside in Boulder, Colorado, but I am still a Midwesterner at heart.  I am as much a gym rat as I ever was, although I am admittedly involved in a series of ongoing affairs with real rocks as well.  I spend my time climbing, traveling and indulging my iPhone photography and Instagram addiction.